In the Military a Capability Gap is the crux of all military acquisitions. The Gap is a technology or function you need to “acquire” hence acquisitions. The Gaps are related to “mission needs” to perform and excite a defined military mission. The Army has had great success in methodically breaking down the big picture into digestible and executable subsets of the more grandiose capability that is needed. The old eat an elephant one bite at a time. They use the phraseology of Capability Sets which are the tangible steps to closing the capability gaps on the mission’s needs. 

For Wounded Warrior Corps, we are taking a similar approach and defining our goals for the year one “set" or step at a time. The below represent what we announced at our recent Launch party (see photographs) and are hard at work executing. The [JOBS] tab will keep you informed and aware of tangible milestones within each described Set. 

2015 GOALS

  • CS-1.1  | Robust website with interactive marketing campaigns
  • CS-1.2 | Fundraisers
  • CS-1.3 | Critical Infrastructure Protection Consortium (w USC)
  • CS-1.4 | Work from home career opportunities leveraging virtual call center technology
  • CS-1.5 | Fulfillment center (integrated with call center)