Our mission is large scale economic development to create jobs, both working with industry and doing it ourself, that are for our fellow countrymen and women who volunteered to serve this great country. We are the interesction of military meets entrepreneurial meets economic development. We provide Mentor-Protege support to our fellow veterans. 

What does that mean? It means if we do it right we both stir the creation of new jobs for the warriors who volunteered to protect our nation, enable our veterans to build new business, and ultimately stir the economy. What could be better?

Why do we need to do this?

Our Vets (and Active Duty), compared to non-vets have:

  • Higher unemployment rates
  • Higher suicide rates and growing 
    • ~ 22 vets per day
    • ~ 22+ active duty soldiers per day
  • Higher divorce rates

Add to this our Wounded Warriors, who since 9/11 have: 

  • 250K+ traumatic brain injuries
  • 45K+ major head injuries
  • 4K+ penetrating head wounds
  • 1,600+ major amputees
    • 83% lost one or both legs 
  • 2,500+ major burns

The below sums up our sentiment and our mission.

This is heartfelt letter is from John J. Pershing who is the only American to be promoted in his own lifetime to, and was the general who led the American Expeditionary Forces to victory over Germany in World War I, 1917-18. With the war winding down and the American troops separating from Active Duty, General Pershing wrote this letter to the troops.

The words ring true to our sentiment and our mission: