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The National Transportation Center (NTC) represents the dedication, sacrifice and synergy that established America, bringing together veterans, industry, commerce and government, unified to renew and restore the backbone of America… TRANSPORTATION! The rebuilding begins with PATRIOTS VILLAGE, a colonial America inspired village to be built brick-by-brick by patriotic Americans UNITED in support of the NTTC, and the renewal of then trades and hard work that made America great. The park will be a working village, including the initial “barracks” or housing for veterans going through the Training Center and working at the Work Center. It will be available for celebrations and events, complete with cookhouse, chapel, amphitheater and more.

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tiers of Support:

I.   One time DONATIONS any amount.

II.   PLANK OWNER Certificate ($1,000 or RECURRING DONATION receives signed and numbered certificate)

III.  PLANK OWNER (Once have contributed $5,000 receive Certificate plus matching numbered plank of ancient Bald Cypress)



II. PLANK OWNER Certificate

$1,000 in donation(s) or recurring

  • 8.5"X11" Plank Owner certificate 
  • Special notices of special partner events



III. PLANK OWNER                  

Full $5,000 in donations 

  • Hand numbered and signed Plank Owner certificate with pledge 
  • Numbered, signed plank of ancient bald cypress upon donation of $5,000 
  • Plank Owner Mug at WWC Event Bar
  • Commemorative plank in your name on the Event Bar
  • Join annual BoD Report calls
  • Perpetual recognition at all event
  • Participation in Corporate planning events 


  • Plank Owner 
  • email address
  • Join Board as Advisor helping refine and expand our mission focal areas for growth
  • Invitation only briefs on National Security Systems and Programs developed and under development by Companies owned by WWC Founders.


Wounded Warrior Corps would  like to extend it's condolences to the family and friends of Paul Patterson. Paul represents the heart and soul of America's greatest treasures; it's Patriots who contributed to the well being of our communities, our economy and our Veterans. Working within DuPont™ Kevlar®  team Paul had a big heart for Veterans and hiring Veterans. Of poetic importance was the untold number of lives of soldiers saved by the daily contribution of Paul into the making of the Kevlar®.  Wounded Warrior Corps thanks you Paul.

To provide a donation in the name of Paul simply use MAKE A DONATION TAB, then when you enter your address, for ADDRESS LINE 2, simply add PAUL PATTERSON on that line.     

Help rebuild America on brick at a time through Patriots Village.     The Village will be the main gate of the National Transportation Training Center in Indianapolis, IN.

Patriots Village where bricks will be placed

Become a PLANK OWNER, be part of a great tradition.

What Is A Plank Owner?


The idea of being the Plank Owner is a reminder of the time when "wooden walls and iron men" were a key part of the Navy. Each crew member that was part of the commissioning crew was was provided a certificate that was procured/handmade by the ships crew and awarded by the ships crew, rather than by the Navy, making them all the more appreciated and personal. 

USS Astoria. The image at the very top is the Astoria Crew in 1944, the certificate is from the 1944 commissioning, and the plank is piece of the deck from when the ship was decommissioned.

Deck Planking

Once the vessel was decommissioned and scraped, the owners of the certificates would receive a piece of the deck. The last major vessel known to have been fitted with a wooden deck was USS Long Beach (CGN-9), commissioned in 1961.  The Naval Historical Center's Curator Branch for many years continued to received wooden deck planking removed from vessels, almost all from vessels built during the World War II period. 

For Wounded Warrior Corps Plank Owners we are creating a classic beauty of certificate that will be genuinely relished. We will provide it to anyone who pledges up to $5,000 dollars, regardless of whether you are doing it $5 dollars a month or $500. It's about the team work. Below is the working version of the certificate.

And for the Plank we have been blessed by a company that accidentally dug up a major piece of geological history. While mining in the mid-state of South Carolina for sand, which is crystal white ancient sand, they dug up over 100,000 year old ancient Bald Cypress. Only the second find of trees this old that have not been fossilized. 

These planks are being hand cut and are being artistically finished such that each plank will be unique. Just as the certificates will be hand signed and numbered, the planks will each be numbered to match the certificates. These will all become lasting memories that remind everyone that it takes everyone pitching in to make great things happen. 

Our ‘Plank Owner’ program is thus a way of saying ‘thank you’ to those who help us get to where we are and where we are going. In the world of Wounded Warrior Corps, Plank Owner status means that you have locked arms with us and are committing to the journey. We also recognize those of you who have given without measure, who have shown devotion, dedication, and support that made it all happen. 

Our growing Plank Owner partner list!

  • Doug Benefield
  • James F.M. Yanney M.D.
  • Claudius "Bud" E. Watts IV
  • John Nettles 
  • Dave Harden
  • Paul "Red" Speights
  • Brad Smith
  • Jason Roberts
  • Ross Marine
  • South Creative
  • Cummins
  • Morris Nissan
  • Cox Industries
  • Hays
  • Latham & Watkins
  • Snyder
  • Cherry Point Seafood Co.
  • Lowcountry Eats
  • MAJ. GEN. Les Eisner, Ret.
  • Terry Simpson
  • Milton Cheever
  • COL. Wolf D. Kutter Ret. 
  • Dean Stephens
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